Vincent Castant

Vincent Castant

When asked to talk about himself, this is what Vincent answers : 29 years old. 2005 – 2014 : Bachelor in Mass Marketing – Master in International Trade – Mandarin HSK Intermediate. Professional experience : fruit-juicing trade (is that a thing?), helicopter international sales and Project Manager at H5. 2 years in Shanghai to perfect his Mandarin. And in 2015 he started a Shamanism school in South India.

I mean, you can’t invent this stuff.

However all this career plans weren’t good enough for him, and after his Indian stunt, he decided to focus on his creative outlets, with his first project being an animated architectural porn music video (We promise, we’re not making this up) – and since music videos are fun, he’s continued to do some, including for Jacques, TRDLX and Eliott Litrowski. He’s also written, directed, acted in, edited and animated his own series “Ouai j’vois ouai”, a sort of absurd fictionalized semi autobiography. As well as animation, he writes and draws his own comics, and has recently started a new podcasting career. The kid likes to be busy.

His style can only be described as completely indescribable: collage, motion design, stop motion and classic animation blend together to create fast & visually busy, psychedelic stories, always in service of the absurd.

And his favorite movie is High School Musical 3.